Union Christian Global Academy


What is Union Christian Global Academy? Is it accredited?

Union Christian Global Academy is the global arm of Union Christian Academy located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Union Christian Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (ANSAA), and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).

Do you issue diplomas or GED?

Yes.  Students who complete UCGA's graduation requirements will receive a Union Christian High School Diploma just as if they graduated on campus. They may also choose to participate in the commencement ceremony held at Union Christian Academy in Fort Smith, AR for their graduating class.

How much do UCGA courses cost?

Please refer to our “Tuition page” for UCGA tuition prices.

Do students get actual live teachers?

Yes.  UCGA teachers are fully certified and are required to hold a Bachelors Degree with a Master’s being preferred.  Our teachers are available during office hours for any questions or concerns.

Do you provide us with a computer?

No, all UCGA students are required to own a working computer that fits within the systems requirements (see systems requirements tab).

Do I need to purchase textbooks?

All course materials are provided online. Some AP courses will require an additional textbook.

How do I know what courses to take?

Please contact a member of our staff (Contact Us page) and we will assist you in your educational goals.  A graduation requirements page will be added soon.

How are assignments completed?

Assignments are completed/submitted online through UCGA.

Can I accelerate and complete faster?

Yes you can! Students will be given a Traditional Pace chart which they can alter depending on their needs. Students can elect to do extra assignments during the week therefore completing the course in less time.

How are my assignments graded?

Students are graded by the work they submit according to their pace chart.  There are a variety of assessments in each course which determine the overall grade.  Students are likely to encounter tests, quizzes, discussion forums, projects, papers, and other written assignments throughout the course. There are also self-checks along the way which do not figure into the overall grade, but allow students to see if they are ready to take assessments and/or move on in the course. 

How do I know what work is due when?

All UCGA courses have a Pace Chart embedded in them. This allows students to know exactly what is expected to be submitted on a weekly basis, whether they choose traditional, extended, or accelerated pace. Teachers assist students in modifying the chart to reflect their chosen pace.

      How do I find out my grade while I am taking the course?
       Students have access to view their grade in the gradebook. 
       They are encouraged to review all feedback on each assignment left by
       the teacher


     Does a teacher or a computer grade my assessments?

Assessments are graded by both the computer and teacher.  Any assessment which has objective questions will be graded right away, so the student will be able to get immediate feedback as soon as the assessment is submitted.  Because they receive feedback and answers right away, students are only able to take these types of assessments once. Essay questions, papers, discussion forums, and other assignments that are rubric-based are graded by the teacher. 
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